My approach to preparing tax returns is streamlined to make the process more efficient and accessible for my clients.  I utilize a virtual approach to working with clients through my secure client portal from start to finish.  When you work with me to prepare and process your returns, it can take at a minimum two weeks for the process.  I do not prepare returns while meeting with my clients.  Preparation of tax returns typically begins the second week of February to guarantee most of the tax documents needed for preparation have been received.  


My fees are based upon several factors.  As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA),  I have spent many years becoming very knowledgeable and educated in tax and accounting matters. I am required to continue my education annually to maintain my CPA license.  In addition, my fees reflect the time and costs involved it takes to prepare your individual tax returns.  


My rates are a flat fee and are based on your individual tax preparation needs. Feel free to setup an initial consultation (free) to discuss.