I love being able to educate my clients on their taxes and accounting needs.  But what I love even more is educating our youth on finances.  I believe it is very important that our youth have financial education to empower them to go out into the world and feel confident in managing their money.  I began doing this when my boys were young and continue to this day even as they roll their teenage eyes at me.  I have created resources on how to teach your children about money at any age.  Check out my budget booklet that was just published on either Amazon Books or Lulu Bookstore (links are below) and my budget tool.  The great thing about this Adults can use it too!  I have also shared a very simple way to talk to your younger children about money.  It may be simple, but that's all it really needs to be!  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or you would like to me sit down with your children and walk them through how to make a budget or to learn about money.  


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